Introduction Of Search Engine Optimizition – SEO For Beginners.

Hello, everybody Welcome to SEO live training where we take you by hand and show you how to rank highly in Google.
Welcome again, we are going to show you how and what you need to rank, steps, software, and lessons that will help you in your journey.
What we are going to do in this course, is teaching you the core fundamental of search engine optimization. Even though you might not know what SEO is, never made a website before, you are in the right place. We want to take you from the point of knowing absolutely nothing, to knowing what it is, to step two which an intermediate SEO, being able to go out there and complete the process of SEO. Know how it works and how people make money with it. And all that magic stuff.
What I’m trying to do with this course – not guaranteeing it will work the first time for you- is trying to get you money making results in this course.

Now with that said, I’m not guaranteeing you are going to make money at the end of this course, chances that you will not, the main point of this course, is to take you from not knowing what SEO is or how to build a website, to understand what SEO is and can perform and perfect it the third of fourth time and start making money with it.
Apply everything in this course as much as you can so you can start making money with it. The process within is very simple.
What I’m trying to do in this course, is taking from not even knowing to knowing the basic, knowing how get a website up, to targeting the right keywords in niches that you actually can get results in as a beginner, and by the end of it have your first ranking, maybe have your site on the first page of few terms and see the light at the end of a tunnel that we can actually start making money with, then you can generate success.
Why I’m trying to do that, because when I started doing seo, the blueprint people gave me, didn’t teach you how to make money with the process, didn’t help me pick a direction, didn’t gave me an insight to where to go, so I end up spending a ton of time practicing and learning stuff that didn’t matter. I just want to get you straight from not knowing to knowing and having a way to make money with it, thought repeatable, duplicatable process.
So that you can expect from this course and next lessons to come in.
So in this video, post I will be going to break what so is, and how people make money with it. Until you understand the concept of how it works. And break down the concept behind it. And what makes a website go up and down in Google.
If you don’t know what seo is, it;s how to make a website show up higher in Google so that you can get traffic and visitor in the search engine, and you can sell that traffic, for cool jazzy stuff.
The remaining lesson I will be teaching you how to make a website, the on page SEO of a website, AKA how to make a move up in the ranking, then I’m gonna show you how to build links to that website and make money with it in the last lesson.
Alright let’s start rolling.

So what the heck is SEO?
SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, in order words, optimizing sites to show up higher the search engines, mainly google search engine. Specifically for certain searches, for exemple, I want to show up in the search word – best acne cream – I want to show up in the top three spots and get a lot of traffic from, and this is done by optimizing your website in manipulating the search engine a lit bit.
Before you can the question that has always been asked, is this illegal? It’s %100 not illegal, there is no hacking involved, and it is an ethical business to perform for companies websites and all sort of stuff. There is some unethical stuff can do in SEO, but I’m not gonna be showing you how to do that, though, I don’t do that, and I’m not gonna show you how to do it.
As we go through this course, you might hear a little bit about SEO; you might hear about a black hat, gray hat, white hat, what you need to know about these things that are all the same. If you are doing SEO for your website, Google frowned upon itself. What Google want is for everybody to buy advertising. We don’t do that, and what we do, is make our website show up higher in search engine, so you going to be wearing some type of hat in SEO.

What we gonna show you here, is what have been working for the past couple of years. And as long as you stay up to date with SEO, is easy to avoid getting penalized.

So How people make money with SEO?
There is a couple ways to make money using search engines.
one of them selling other people product, it’s what we call affiliate marketing. for example, if some one has a book on how to lose weight, and you rank you website higher for the term how to lose weight, and then sell their book on your website, you can make a commission for every book sold. there is many platform that help you find offers like that. Almost any product now that is bought or sold online has some kind of affiliate program. and people can make commission of anything sold. you can make a website about snow boarding if you are passionate about snow boarding. and sell snow boards on the side and make percentage/commission on anything sold on your website.
Another way to make money with this, simply to provide SEO service for local businesses as local seo. That where we go to a dentist and say hey do you wanna show higher on the term Dallas dentist. He is gonna say yes, then you ask for monthly payment ($1000 a month – you can charge up to $20K month for some businesses when you become a good at it) then take businesses and make them show up highly in google for their local area.

Another way of making money with Search Engine Optimization, is by renting websites, selling the traffic or leads, from the website. First we rank for a term, then sell leads, for exemple, let’s say that we rank for tree service charlotte North Carolina, so anybody who searches for tree service in charlotte north caroline, that person will find our website ranked first and we will be putting a number to call, and we will be forwarding those call to local tree removal service and will pay us for each phone call.
Another way is to put general advertising site, like Google Adsense. is simply putting banner on your site, like any other website online, usually this is ineffective %90 of the time because we are not going to build site with hundreds of thousands of visitor a month, you need that amount of visitor to make general advertising work.

My personal opinion, local client marketing is way easier to start and hit full time income very quickly. We will get back to this later.

Affiliate SEO Exemple:

Let see an affiliate example first.

What you see is that this website owner reviewing electronic cigarettes, and people will come here when they are looking for e-cigarettes, people went through google, looking for e-cigarettes, and came across this website on page one

when people read reviews, if they like what they read, and click the buy button, it will redirect them to another site where the user can actually buy, and the original site owner will make a commission on anything that has been bought by that user.

Local Business – Client SEO Example:

Alright now let talk about local seo clients, that where you take clients and local business website and put them on a page one of Google.

It’s Simple as you take a website, you optimize it to show up higher in Google. And get paid monthly from clients that want their website to show up higher in Google every single month. It’s very common for SEO agencies to get paid thousands of dollars from clients – it ranges to 1k to 5k a month sometimes even more in depends on locations and niche and how big the business needs.

So How SEO works in a nutshell?

Google finds pages based on how relevant the pages are to a search. This is going to be the 30 000 foot view from the top; this is not the everything going into it. So you can understand what happening during ranking the website.
what we are going to be learning in this course, is how to rank without having to go through all the details. how to rank site while knowing very little about SEO.
What happens is google crawl the whole internet and tries to find pages based on how relevant the pages are. For example, they look at the title of the pages, the article in the pages, what the website is about. As the example that we stated before if someone searched for – best e cigarette brands – google pull out all the pages and has that keyword in title, in URL, In the description, as well as in content.
Google also looks for links coming to the website, And It values the links by quality. (We will talk in details about that later.)
last but not least, Google looks also at traffic going to website. If users staying on the site for a long time, Google will rank your site higher for search terms.

You can hire our Ga seo firm, or You can also watch the following video for similar info.

With all that said, all we need is the following to start next lesson.
1- A website: $9
2- Hosting
3- Content Management – WordPress- Free.

See you at the next lesson, Click here for next lesson.

Importance Of Area SEO Strategies for Business In Newnan Ga

Localized searches on search engines are becoming more and more widespread within the Georgia Area SEO community. When they search online, they may end up finding area seo content within a page full of information that they are searching for and end up contacting the business or using because it is where they located their pertinent area seo information.

The customer is either looking for a localized search based on location or a general search based on web search. When a customer searches for information based on a local area seo search web search localization becomes the key target.

Localized searches on search engines are becoming more and more widespread within the Newnan and Atlanta SEO community. Customers are choosing to use Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and the rest of their traditional paper Yellow Pages. It takes too much time and effort these days to open the Paper directory and search and search alphabetically for the business you would like to find.
Some users stick to online yellow pages and search for a topic of interest. Most searchers may not be seeking a business but information. When they search online, they may end up finding area seo content within a page full of information that they are searching for and end up contacting the business or using because it is where they located their pertinent area seo information.

Out comes the search engine philosophy of Localized Newnan SEO. A potential customer opens his or her favorite search engine and types in their city, state county or zip and the business type or information they are searching for.
The customer is either looking for a localized search based on location or a general search based on web search. For customers searching for businesses, Localized online search becomes important to be listed with directories for local businesses. When a customer searches for information based on a local area seo search web search localization becomes the key target.
For an SEO professional although it may be a national market that they strive to achieve it is equally important to be listed in their localized search so that potential local customers will be able to locate their products and know they are locally listed.
In part two of Local Area SEO, we will discuss the importance of understanding the customer’s target market to achieve best results for Area SEO. For more info Check our Facebook Newnan SEO page, Newnan SEO Twitter